I'm Daisy and I am an 18-year-old aspiring doctor from Shropshire, UK. The website 'Letters to the World' was first published during the UK's first lockdown in April 2020. I was inspired to create the website after understanding the great impact the pandemic would have on

people's mental health and not just physical, after struggling with the isolation myself.


When I first began creating the website, I knew I wanted it to be easy to use for all ages and anonymous. Many of us struggle to talk about our emotions and I felt writing them out was a lot easier and also very therapeutic. I have tried to make the website easy to navigate, as well as offering a range of languages. I wanted to remove as many barriers for people using the website as possible so it is a useful site for everyone.


I hope to continue this project and I would be grateful for any feedback or suggestions to improve the site in the future.