Essential Worker

Dear World.

What a strange time this is. I feel incredibly lucky to be honest. My job is secure despite it being "front line" and at times scary because of lack of managerial direction. I live with my partner, just the two of us in a little house but in wonderful grounds. To be honest it's a bubble. I miss my son and my Grandpuppy who live 60 miles away and I am trying so hard not to dwell on the fact it could be months before I can see them, let alone hug them. If i dwell on this too long I can feel the tears pricking at my eyes.

I watch the news and feel anger, a real rage at our government who failed to protect the old and the vulnerable especially those in care homes. I still miss my mum who died nearly 25 years ago but I am glad in away she did not have to experience this.

I hope the world can recover but I am doubtful. The things that used to be important, the "must haves" are suddenly no more.

I am writing this because I want people to know that others do think about them. Take care and stay safe.



Dear world!

We recognise the extreme pressures faces by all of us at this difficult time.It is so grateful that local authorities in every country have working tirelessly to ensure that vital cervices continue running as far as possible and ensure its provision is available for everyone an extremely tight timescale. I would like to pride the key workers and members of their families for supporting the society, being brave and making sure that they are working hard to get their job done. They are our everyday Heroes; NHS STAFF, DELIVERY SERVICES, SUPERMARKET WORKERS, DRIVERS, CLEANERS, SOCIAL CARE WORKERS AND VOLUNTEERS. They do fantastic job performing extraordinary acts of kindness every day. We are truly grateful for their commitment and dedication!



Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my website. I created 'Letters to the World" as I felt during times like these it is essential people don't feel alone, even if living alone. I hope you feel comfortable to share your letter. Thank you for visiting my site.

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