hey everyone, we know this is a tough time right now for everyone and being forced into isolation can take quite a toll on a person's mental wellbeing but we gotta understand that it's for the good of everyone and would greatly benefit the rest of the world in the long run. Apart from putting in efforts to reduce the spread of this virus, it's important that we look after our mental state as well and use the time we have at home to do more meaningful things or unmeaningful things like binge-watching Netflix for 10 hours, literally anything that keeps you entertained and comforted. there's no reason to think you should be doing exercises every day or working longer hours if it does not make you happy ❤️


We would like to express our appreciation to all the doctors, nurses, pharmacists, medical care staff and everyone who supports patient care. Thank you for serving at the frontlines and risking your lives to save patients during this pandemic. We are grateful for the sacrifices you have made. Dedication and courage during this crisis have helped save countless lives and made significant improvement to the lives of many more. Once again, thank you for your heroic service to our nation.


To all the health care workers, most of us do not work in a setting where we’re exposed to risks and dangers daily, the way you are. Thanks you for your commitment and courage into helping those who are affected! Really appreciate your care and professionalism and your everyday efforts to keep the world safe !! :)


With Love~

Students from Queensway Secondary School Singapore.

United Kingdom

Healthcare Worker

I hope that this will be the first of a few letters. I'm a senior Intensive Care Doctor in the UK and have had a frantic 6-weeks, mostly through planning but also because of difficult times at work. My partner lives in another city and we haven't seen eachother for 5-weeks and I haven't seen an elderly parent for 6-weeks. My partner and I have each have two children who are in their early twenties. One is now a frontline health professional, one has had their first postgraduate job furloughed and two have had great uncertainty cast over their final terms at university.


I do not write for sympathy as ours are First World Problems and we are all likely to come out of this but if someone had told me as I entered Medical School as an 18-year old that this was how my career would evolve I'd have looked on in disbelief



I would like to thank the world's doctors and health care professionals for everything that they have contributed to the recovery of society, they are truly the world's unsung heroes without a cape and hopefully everything will go back to normal soon so that the doctors and everyone can take a well-deserved break


With love 💜💜

Students from queensway secondary (singapore)



Hi all,

Thank you for visiting my website. I created 'Letters to the World" as I felt during times like these it is essential people don't feel alone, even if living alone. I hope you feel comfortable to share your letter. Thank you for visiting my site.

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